About Us

The Hummingbird was established over 30 years ago by the vivaciousĀ Joan Alexander Stowe, better known as Joyce, a native of Soufriere who started out as a waitress in a nearby resort who always had the burning desire to start her own business. In 1978 her dream came true and along with her English boyfriend created the Hummingbird House. In 1979 they expanded to the beach front property and the Hummingbird Resort was created. In 1983 Joyce bought out her partners share of the Hummingbird and became the sole owner and has excelled ever since. In 1997 Joyce became the first hotelier to be honored with the prestigious award of "The Hotelier of the year", today Joyce continues to run the Hummingbird. Due to the fact that Joyce resides on the property her presence contributes to the ambience of the resort, Joyce enjoys pampering her guests to make their stay at the Hummingbird a memorable one.

Enjoy the freshness of the trade winds as you relax in comfort, like the sugar barons of the old, featuring ten beautifully furnished rooms, with seven modern bathrooms. Two of the rooms have four poster beds, which is particularly fine for honeymooners. Your own private paradise offers something for everyone, a haven for yachtsmen, an oasis for visitors, and an undersea marvel for divers. When in St. Lucia stay at the Hummingbird Beach Resort and enjoy St. Lucian accommodations at modest rates.